Which brand-new privacy feature is WhatsApp introducing to its users?



WhatsApp, an instant messaging app, keeps adding new features and updates for its users to keep them safe and private.

According to WaBetaInfo, the messaging app is once more releasing a new update through the Google Play Beta Program. This update brings the version number up to

A new presentation sheet for the view once messages are included in the latest update. This update will be accessible to a few beta analyzers. WhatsApp previously introduced a screenshot security feature for view-once videos and images. The user cannot take a screenshot of the image they send using view once images with this feature.

A new presentation sheet has been made available to some beta testers of the WhatsApp beta for Android update by the Meta-owned app.

When you tap the view once icon, the presentation sheet for view once messages appear within the drawing editor. WhatsApp will inform you that the recipient cannot take a screenshot of it if this feature is enabled on your WhatsApp account. “As is typical, the view once image and video cannot be shared, forwarded, copied, or saved,” read a statement released by the WhatsApp tracking website.

Some beta testers have access to the new feature, which will soon be made available to more users.

Status updates

A day earlier, WaBetaInfo made the announcement that the app’s most recent update, which allows users to view status updates within their chat list, will be released shortly.

With the most recent update to the social messaging app’s desktop app, the feature is currently available to some beta testers.

After the updates to Android and iOS, the ability to view status updates within the chat list was made available to beta users earlier.

“Users can just check people who shared a status update within the status section and see if a ring around the profile photo shows up within the chat list to check if the feature is enabled after an update,” WABetaInfo stated.

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