New WhatsApp feature makes it easy to message oneself



WhatsApp rolled out a new point that enables users to text themselves intimately and keep precious information safe and accessible. The ‘Communication Yourself’ point will let users shoot notes, monuments, and shopping lists to themselves.

The point is anticipated to release on iOS and Android in the coming weeks, Meta reported, as it blazoned the point. After beta testers, the company has verified that the point will be launched encyclopedically.

User contact will appear at the top of the contact list when creating a new converse, which will direct them to a converse screen to shoot dispatches to themselves. WhatsApp users had been employing the communication yourself feature ahead, using the app’s Click to Chat’ point. tone- exchanges can also be projected to the top of discussion lists as well.

WhatsApp rival, Signal, has formally introduced an analogous point to their users, called the’ Note to Self’ but unlike WhatsApp, it does not suggest texting oneself at the top of the list when creating a new communication, Tech Crunch reported.

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