YouTube to introduce “Go Live Together” co-streaming feature



YouTube is planning to roll out a new point that will allow select generators to go live with another guest creator on YouTube.

The Creator Inside Channel will only be available to co-stream using a phone, and not a desktop.
While guests can be rotated on Livestream, only one is allowed at a single time. In the forthcoming weeks, some generators will be suitable to use this point and go Live together, their sluice feed showing above their guests while live.

To start a live sluice, generators will be anticipated to fill in the information regarding the title, description, monetization settings, thumbnails, and visibility settings. After opting for a creator for the “Invite a co-streamer” option, guests will only have to click on the invite link to be transferred into the waiting room.

YouTube will let announcements run announcements on the guest aqueducts, giving the profit solely to the host only. also, the sluice will not appear on the guest’s channel but the platform admits that visibility is important for a creator and intends to introduce it in the near future.

TikTok lately introduced an analogous Live point on their platform, letting generators go live with over five people. Twitch released the point as well, letting generators go Live with multiple suckers at the same time.

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