YouTube may soon offer free TV channels to stream



YouTube is currently evaluating a brand-new feature that allows users to watch free, ad-supported TV channels that feature content from specific media companies.

In order to bring this concept to life, the platform for streaming videos is collaborating with numerous businesses.

According to reports, YouTube is testing the new update and intends to release it widely later this year.

The Verge reports that Lionsgate and A&E, the owners of History, FYI, and Lifetime, are currently participating in discussions regarding YouTube’s new plans.

The channels will be gathered in one place at a centralized hub, giving viewers a choice.

YouTube will face direct competition from Plex and Roku as a result of the new feature’s release.

YouTube already has a platform called YouTube Tv, which operates on a model that is similar but requires a paid subscription. It is possible to market the new feature under the YouTube Tv brand.

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