WhatsApp to introduce new privacy feature for desktop version



Facebook-possessed messaging service WhatsApp is always working for the sequestration and security of users and is working on a new point that would allow people to secure the desktop interpretation.

According to WaBetaInfo, this new point will allow users to cover the desktop interpretation of the app by setting up a word.

This point was available for beta druggies for Android and iOS, still, WhatsApp is now developing a result to bring the screen cinch option to the desktop beta.

— WaBetaInfo

The druggies will have to enter a word every single time they open the operation as shown in the screenshot over. This is useful for people who partake in their PCs.

” Note that enabling this point is voluntary and presumably, the stoner will have further control over it by choosing when the app should bear the word,” said the WhatsApp news shamus.

Also, WhatsApp won’t know the word as it’s always saved locally. In case a stoner loses or forgets the word, they will have to log out of the app and log in again to the desktop by linking the device with a QR law.

This point isn’t available as of yet as it’s still being developed. It’ll be released in an unborn update.

” As fresh news, WhatsApp may also apply a point that lets druggies lock the app by using Touch ID on a Mac when a point detector is available,” it added.

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