What “Immersive View” on Google Maps implies and which towns will get it when it’s expanded to routes



What “Immersive View” On Google Maps Implies And Which Towns Will Get It When It’s Expanded To Routes

Google Maps is adding routes to its immersive view, which was first offered last year. Soon, users of Google Maps for iOS and Android will be able to examine a more detailed route that contains information about traffic, intersections, the weather, and other factors.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, stated at the keynote address for I/O 2023 that “Google Maps provides 20 billion kilometres of directions every day.” “Wow, that’s a lot of journeys.Imagine being able to plan your entire trip in advance. You can now, whether you’re driving, cycling, or strolling, thanks to Immersive View for Routes.
The definition of Immersive View for Routes

AI and computer vision are combined in Google Maps' Immersive View.

You can view all the relevant details about your route at once with Immersive View for Routes. When you receive directions, this feature offers a three-dimensional experience by displaying bike lanes, walkways, junctions and parking spaces as you go.

Users can preview the weather or the traffic situation for a specific day and hour in a specific location using this function. A time slider included in the feature shows the route’s potential changes as the weather changes throughout the day and the air quality.

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