Twitter will soon let you swipe between tweets, topics, and trends



The CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, revealed that users would soon be able to swipe between the numerous features of Twitter, such as tweets, trends, topics, lists, and more. This will be a significant change to Twitter’s user interface (UI) once it is implemented, but it will not be Musk’s first since acquiring Twitter.

Since acquiring Twitter on October 27, Musk has been making a number of adjustments to the company’s structure and user interface. A view count for each tweet was recently made public by the CEO in an effort to demonstrate that the majority of tweets receive far more views than likes.

The billionaire, who recently became the first person to lose a record $200 billion in a single day, made the announcement via Twitter.

He wrote, “New Twitter navigation coming in January that lets you swipe to the side to switch between recommended and followed tweets, trends, topics, etc.”

This new swipe function will make it much simpler for users to move between the app’s various sections. This will likely keep users more engaged and possibly extend the amount of time they spend using the app.

The Twitter CEO stated that the platform will undergo “many substantial UI upgrades” throughout the course of January. New text for Views, Likes, Retweets, and Quote Tweets are among the potentially exciting platform enhancements.

In searches, mentions, and responses, subscribers to the paid subscription plan Twitter Blue will now have priority over non-subscribers. Blue subscribers can now upload full-HD videos that are 60 minutes long, whereas the previous limit for Twitter video uploads was 10 minutes.

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