Twitter spews lies across the world: Biden



ROSEMONT, ILLINOIS: US President Joe Biden says that Elon Musk had bought a social media platform on Twitter that spews falsehoods across the world.

Twitter laid off half its pool on Friday but said cuts were lower in the platoon responsible for precluding the spread of misinformation, as advertisers pulled spending amid enterprises about content temperance.

Biden said at a fundraiser “And now what are we all upset about Elon Musk goes out and buys an outfit that sends- that spits lies each across the world. There are no editors presently in America. There are no editors. How do we anticipate kiddies to be suitable to understand what’s at stake?”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean- Pierre told journalists before that Biden had been clear about the need to reduce hate speech and misinformation.

“That belief extends to Twitter, it extends to Facebook and any other social media platforms where druggies can spread misinformation,” she said.

Musk has promised to restore free speech while precluding Twitter from descending into a “hellscape.” But major advertisers have expressed apprehension about his preemption for months.

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