Twitter prices Blue for Android at $11 per month



Twitter Inc. said on Wednesday that the monthly cost of a Twitter Blue subscription for Android would be the same as for iOS users, $11 and that a cheaper annual plan would be available for web users.

Anyone who is willing to pay will soon be able to use the blue check mark, which was previously only available to verified accounts of famous people, public figures, and journalists.

It was launched a year ago to help Twitter grow its revenue as its owner, Elon Musk, fights to keep advertisers.

On its website, Twitter said that Android users would be able to get a monthly membership to Twitter Blue for $11, which is the same price as the app.

The higher prices for Android users, like those on Apple’s App Store, are probably meant to cover the costs.

The annual Blue subscription plan, which could only be purchased online, cost $84, which was less than the $8 per month cost.

An inquiry regarding Twitter’s Android pricing policy was unanswered.

The discount for web users will be available in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, and Japan, according to Twitter.

Musk added earlier in December that by next year, Twitter will offer a higher tier without advertisements and that the basic blue tick will have half as many advertisements.

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