Pakistani students at Nust are leading the way in innovation with electric vehicles.



Pakistani Students At Nust Are Leading The Way In Innovation With Electric Vehicles.

Students and teachers at the Pakistan Navy Engineering College-National University of Sciences and Technology (PNEC-NUST) have showcased their most recent accomplishment—a cutting-edge formula electric racing car—in a spectacular demonstration of perseverance and innovation. This historic event represents a key turning point in the kids’ journey, who have encountered many obstacles along the road.

The remarkable advancement made by the team was displayed at an unveiling ceremony held at a nearby hotel. The event included motivational movies that documented the students’ challenging and fascinating process of designing and building an electric vehicle (EV). The project is in line with the Formula Student competition, a worldwide engineering challenge in which student teams create, construct, test, and compete in smaller-scale Formula-style racing vehicles.

Students from PNEC entered the Formula Student race for the first time in Germany in 2012. They were unable to compete since their initial batch of electric vehicles failed technical inspection. Unfazed, they persevered through successive difficulties, surmounting obstacles and advancing their abilities. However, the Covid-19 epidemic and ensuing visa problems momentarily slowed their expansion.

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