Pakistan third among new sellers on Amazon



KARACHI: In little over a time after US transnational-commerce mammoth Amazon opened to merchandisers from Pakistan, the country has retained its place among the top three nat­ions dealing a range of products worldwide while using the digital platform.

While briefing the Nat­io­nal Assembly Standing Committee on Commerce on Thursday, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan(TDAP) officers also sounded confident about the eventuality of the country, its exportable products, and the chops of those individualities engaged with the platform hoping they would manage to maintain upward trend while capitalizing on the fast-growing occasion.

“Pakistan is presently among the top three new merchandisers that joined Amazon’s business in the US in 2022,” said a TDAP briefing to the members of the NA’s standing commission hea­ded by its president Raza Rabbani Khar.

“Commonly, the US and China eclipse the list. The thousands of Pakistani merchandisers stunt in comparison to the two largest nations, but that’s further than the rest of the countries in the world, including import capitals like China, India and neighbouring countries like Canada,” it said.

It was in May 2021, when Amazon added Pakistan to the countries allowed to vend on its business. The decision came nearly after yearlong addresses between the Ministry of Commerce and Amazon authorities. Also, thousands of merchandisers from Pakistan have joined the Amazon business.

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