Musk calls Apple’s dispute with Twitter a “misunderstanding.”



Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, claimed that he met with Apple CEO Tim Cook and “resolved the misunderstanding” that led him to attack the App Store of the iPhone maker.

Musk tweeted, “Among other things, we resolved the misunderstanding regarding Twitter’s potential removal from the App Store.”

“It was clear to Tim that Apple had never thought about doing so.”

Additionally, Musk noted that he had a “good conversation” with Cook and posted a video clip of “Apple’s beautiful HQ” in Cupertino, California, to Twitter.

AFP inquired for information, but Apple did not respond.

Early this week, the richest person in the world took aim at the world’s most valuable company over the App Store’s fees and rules, claiming that Apple had threatened to remove his newly acquired social media platform.

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“Threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store, but won’t tell us why,” the billionaire CEO had written in a tweet.

Apple typically informs app developers if app fixes are required to comply with App Store policies, although the company has not made a public statement regarding the issue.

According to analysts, the disagreement might have been over money, with Musk upset that the App Store takes a commission on purchases like subscriptions.

The relaunch of the Twitter Blue subscription tier, which required users to pay for perks like account verification checkmarks, has been postponed by Musk.

In what former head of safety and security Yoel Roth referred to as “a disaster,” Twitter launched Blue at the beginning of November. However, the service was ultimately discontinued after impersonators paid for check marks to appear legitimate.

Additionally, effective systems for moderating content that is harmful or abusive are required by both Google and Apple for social networking services to be available in their app stores.

However, since taking over Twitter a month ago, Musk has laid off approximately half of the company’s employees, many of whom are tasked with combating misinformation. An unknown number of others have also quit.

Additionally, he has reinstated accounts that were previously barred, including that of former president Donald Trump.
Musk has described his actions as a “revolution against online censorship in America,” describing himself as a “free speech absolutist” who believes that all content that is permitted by law should be allowed on Twitter.

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