Meta rolls out web version of Threads



In an effort to retain professional users and gain an advantage against rival X, formerly Twitter, Meta Platforms announced on Tuesday that it was launching the web version of its new text-first social networking platform Threads.

According to the owner of Facebook and Instagram, Threads, users will be able to access the microblogging platform by signing in from their PCs.

In a Threads post, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that users would be able to access the online version “over the next few days.”

With the ability to now use the platform on a larger screen, power users like companies, corporation accounts, advertisers, and journalists may be more inclined to use Threads as a result of the much anticipated roll out.

After the initial surge, users began switching back to platform X, which they were more accustomed to, which led to a fall in Threads’ popularity, which had reached 100 million sign-ups for the app in just five days of its launch on July 5.

According to a study dated August 10 by analytics platform Similarweb, the number of daily active users on the Android version of the Threads app decreased to 10.3 million from the height of 49.3 million in less than a month.

In the upcoming weeks, the business will enhance the web experience, according to Meta.

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