Meet deep-water robot OceanOneK who’s ‘your avatar in water’



The OceanOneK, a deep-water robot that’s named after its capacity to dive 1,000 metres deep into the ocean, is a creatural robot with humanlike control and is being called a “robot naiad” by some.

Developed at Standford University’s Robotics Lab in a design-led by roboticist Oussama Khatib, OneK has a mobile head with cameras and two arms. It can reach out to objects and manipulate them using its veritably important functional fritters.

At the university’s rec centres, Claire Reilly from the popular tech website CNET decided to swim with OneK. With a GoPro attached to her body to record the marvellous bot, she captured it in its element.

One K has propellers each across its body which help it move through the water. still, the main control is done via a mortal driver from outside the water who uses joysticks to instruct the robot and move its branches.

The stereoscopic cameras attached to OneK give a three-dimensional view of aquatic to the outside world. The driver can watch views from both cameras at the same time on a split screen.
The robot was developed to efficiently reach depths that humans can not.

“OneK is your icon in the water,” Khatib remarked.

In 2016, OneK, which was at the time just OceanOne, was taken to the Mediterranean for a proper test dive. While the prototype worked impeccably, Khatib and his platoon decided that they wanted the bot to be suitable to dive deeper.

thus, the platoon has to redesign the whole machine, which now goes 10 times deeper than its original model, so that it could survive the immense atmospheric pressure aquatic.

Scientists filled OneK’s arms with oil painting as well as “installed special spring mechanisms”, the point reported.

Khatib said that they wanted to make a “robot Aquaman” despite the actuality of several deep-water disquisition vehicles and bots to develop commodity indeed more functional. He said that in cases of disasters, for illustration, it was important to have a body that would be suitable “handle delicate objects” fluently.

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