Instagram launches a brand-new Notes feature



Instagram has as of late carried out various new elements, including ‘Notes’ which will give rivalry to Twitter.

Notes are brief, 60-character messages that can include text or emoji. In order for followers to view the added note, it is attached to the user’s profile picture.

The message can be changed to a new one and remain there for the next 24 hours. By clicking on the profile picture in the DM menu, the followers can respond directly to that text.

According to Instagram, the demand for a quick and spontaneous method of chatting among its users led to the introduction of the new feature.

During its testing phase, the app discovered that its users needed an easy way to share their thoughts. As a result, the brand-new feature has gone live.

Instagram intends to introduce new features in addition to notes, such as Group Profiles, where users can only share photos or posts with a select group of friends. It is also working on a feature called “Pass it on,” which lets users nominate each other to keep a trend going.

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