How to get Google Map alerts for friends, family



Google Maps has a position tracking point for musketeers and families to track each other’s whereabouts. The app lately added customizable cautions for when musketeers and family leave or arrive.

With your musketeers or family members’ concurrence, you can track their exact position to ensure their safety at all times. The app will also allow you to set customizable alert announcements for certain people to track when they leave or arrive at a place.

How to set up cautions for musketeers and family members?

According to 9to5Mac, before you set up announcement cautions, you’ll bear the authorization of the person you wish to detect and track. You can tap on the musketeers & Family Icon in the Google Charts operation, which will give you a menu featuring an option to add new members who are participating in their position with you.

You’ll need to choose between their current position, your position, or a specified address. To add a new position, you can hit the Add position point, move the marker to the correct area, and conclusively hit Add in the top-right corner.

You’ll also need to choose when to be notified between advents, departures, or both, and also hit Save.

After the evidence, you’ll begin entering announcements about the musketeers and family members’ whereabouts.

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