Here’s a ‘new way’ to send voice notes on WhatsApp



WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is once more releasing a new update for its users, allowing them to communicate with their loved ones more smoothly and effectively.

WaBetaInfo reported on Wednesday that the instant messaging app is introducing the capability of sharing voice notes through status updates.

The new update, which brings the version to, is being released through the Google Play Beta Program. However, users will have to wait for a subsequent update to gain access to this feature, which is currently only available to some beta testers.

“Share a voice note as a status update with a certain audience configured within your privacy settings,” the feature would enable.

Here’s a new way to send voice notes on WhatsApp. As shown in the screenshot above, users can “access the feature within the text status section, in case it is enabled for them” to send voice notes as status updates.

Users also have the option to delete a recording before sharing it, giving them more control over their voice recordings. The voice note can only be recorded for a maximum of 30 seconds, according to the app-tracking website.

In addition, WhatsApp users must update in order to listen to voice recordings on status updates.

WhatsApp has made all status updates encrypted to protect its users’ privacy. Within their privacy settings, users will be able to share the voice notes with whomever they choose.

“Like images and videos, voice notes that are posted as status updates vanish after 24 hours, but users can also delete voice notes for everyone after they have been posted: WaBetaInfo stated, “Users always control what they share.”

In the coming weeks, the feature will be made available to more users.

Blocking feature

The tracking app made the announcement last week that WhatsApp is working on a block shortcut update for the notification bar.

Users will be able to block someone with the new feature when they receive a message notification on their phones.

“A block shortcut will be included in WhatsApp notifications, but not always: The app tracking website stated, “The block shortcut is only visible when you receive a message from unknown and untrusted contacts.”

Users may accidentally tap on the block option when responding to a notification, blocking their trusted contacts and limiting the feature to untrusted contacts.

In a future app update, users will have access to the new feature.

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