Google’s desktop search results will now scroll continuously



Similar to the continuous scroll feature that was introduced on mobile websites in 2021, Google is now implementing it for Search results on desktops.

The company is now announcing “up to six pages of results” on the search results page, which previously displayed up to 100 results and 10 blue links. A loading indicator will begin to load more results faster after scrolling to the bottom than when you click “next” for another page of results.

The seamless feed format, which is more prevalent on mobile websites than desktop ones, is intended to be more convenient and simple.

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“The majority of people who want additional information tend to browse up to four pages of search results,” Google stated previously.

On mobile websites, the tech company owned by Alphabet is also adding more Search box suggestions and improved layouts for key results.

The company has not yet decided on the desktop features, but it is also testing a new design for Search filters.

In the United States, the continuous scrolling feature will initially be available in English.

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