Everything you need to know about the Apple ARKit/VR headset



All of the new product’s potential features are detailed in a leaked report about Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headsets.

The reports claim that the headset’s battery will be worn around the waist, making it extremely light. To ensure that it lasts longer than the typical hour or two, the battery’s design will be revised.

As of right now, the field of view is the best of all. It has a high resolution and an angle of 120 degrees.

iOS apps can use Apple’s AR/VR headset in a two-dimensional view, which is an important feature. As a result, the range of experiences expands significantly.

Additionally, the headsets might have a built-in speaker and be able to connect to the AirPods.

It is clear from the features that have been leaked that Apple is attempting to add as many new features to the headset as possible.

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