EU imposes single charger for all smartphones



STRASBOURG: The EU congress on Tuesday passed a new law taking USB- C to be the single bowl standard for all new smartphones, tablets, and cameras from late 2024.

The measure, which EU lawgivers espoused with a vote of 602 in favor, 13 against, will — in Europe at least — drive Apple to drop its outdated Lightning harborage on its iPhones for the USB- C bone
formerly used by numerous of its challengers. Makers of laptops will have redundant time, from early 2026, to also follow suit.

EU policymakers say the single bowl rule will simplify the life of Europeans, reduce the mountain of obsolete dishes and reduce costs for consumers.

It’s anticipated to save at least 200 million euros($195m) per time and cut further than a thousand tonnes of EU electronic waste every time, the bloc’s competition principal Margrethe Vestager said.

The EU move is anticipated to ripple around the world.

The European Union’s 27 countries are home to 450 million people who count among the world’s flush consumers. Regulatory changes in the bloc frequently set global assiduity morals in what’s known as the Brussels Effect.

“Moment is a great day for consumers, a great day for our terrain,” Maltese MEP Alex Agius Saliba, the European Parliament’s spokesperson on the issue, said.

“After further than a decade, the single bowl for multiple electronic biases will eventually come to a reality for Europe and hopefully we can also inspire the rest of the world,” he said.

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