Cyberattack on Australian telco Optus affects 1.2 million customers



Australian telecoms giant Optus on Monday said particular information and at least one valid form of identification of about 1.2 million guests was compromised in one of the biggest cyber breaches the country has faced.

The breach last month by an anonymous online account, which affected 10 million guests, original to around 40 of Australia’s population, attracted harsh review from the government.

Late on Monday, Optus said the breach also affected expired IDs and particular information of about 9,00,000 guests and clarified that “the exposed information didn’t contain valid or current document ID figures for some 7.7 million guests”.

The company’s parent Singapore Telecommunications Ltd(Singtel) said it was assessing the cost of the massive breach at Australia’s alternate- largest telco.

Optus said it has informed the affected guests about the data breach after the Australian government prompted it to speed up its announcement to 10,200 guests whose particular information was made public.

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