China creates the world’s strongest magnetic field



China has managed to produce the world’s strongest glamorous field, measured at 45.22 teslas( T) at its Steady High glamorous Field installation(SHMFF) located in Hefei.

The new record bypassed the former one set in 1999 of 45(T) by a mongrel attraction, generated by the National High glamorous Field Laboratory of the United States.

The tesla mongrel attraction consists of a resistive insert nested in a superconducting external ring with a drag of 32 mm. The attraction was completed in 2016 but only produced a glamorous field of 40 teslas also, which made it the alternate 40-position attraction in the world.

The academic director of the High glamorous Field Laboratory of Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of lores(CHMFL), Professor Kuang Guangli, said” To achieve an advanced glamorous field, we founded the structure of the attraction, and developed new accouterments. The manufacturing process of the bitter discs was also optimized.”

This attraction, marking a great corner for glamorous technology in China, is one of the ten attractions developed and operated by CHMFL

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