ChatGPT subscription would cost $42 per month



OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, has launched a paid version of its well-known AI chatbot, ChatGPT. It is now available for $42 per month and is known as “ChatGPT Professional.” A week ago, the research laboratory made the decision to monetize ChatGPT.

With no blackout windows, priority access to new features, a faster response time, no throttling, and increased API request limits, the “experimental” upgraded version of ChatGPT claims to be available during high demand. The ChatGPT Professional plan’s exact features and pricing can vary based on the user’s specific requirements and OpenAI agreements. Because it is based on selection, it cannot be viewed by the general public. However, the company made a link to the waitlist for the same on its Discord server.

The LLM-based ChatGPT, which was released in November, has gained widespread acclaim for its ability to generate entirely new texts and concepts, such as poems, code, and explanations of difficult concepts.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, confirmed in a recent interview that the team is working on launching a video model soon, but emphasized that he “wouldn’t want to make a competent prediction about when.”

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