ChatGPT draws concerns as it passes MBA exam



According to recent research conducted by a professor at the institute, people are more concerned than ever after the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot GPT-3 passed the final exam for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Professor Christian Terwiesch, the study’s author, titled it “Will Chat GPT3 Attend Wharton for an MBA?” according to NBC News.

According to Terwiesch’s article, the bot’s score demonstrates its “remarkable ability to automate some of the skills of highly compensated knowledge workers in general and specifically the knowledge workers in the jobs held by MBA graduates including analysts, managers, and consultants.” This prediction was based on the bot’s performance in the operations management course.

Terwiesch stated that the bot “did a fantastic job at basic operations management and process analysis questions” in the study, which was published on January 17.

He added, “remarkably good at changing its answers in response to human hints,” bot is “remarkably good.”

As schools become increasingly concerned that AI chatbots might encourage cheating, the findings of Terwiesch’s study come at a time. Even though chatbots are not new, ChatGPT took off on social media toward the end of 2022. In the United States, the New York City Department of Education made the announcement earlier this month that ChatGPT would no longer be permitted on any school equipment or networks.

The difficulty in distinguishing between ChatGPT’s conversational speaking style and human responses is the focus of much of the discussion.

Experts in education and artificial intelligence have acknowledged that ChatGPT and other similar bots may ultimately harm education. However, in recent interviews, other professionals and educators stated that they were not yet concerned.

Terwiesch stated that Chat GPT3 occasionally “makes shocking blunders in quite simple computations at the level of sixth-grade Math” despite its impressive performance.

Despite this, Terwiesch asserted that ChatGPT3’s performance on the examination has “important implications for business school education, including the need for exam policies, curriculum design focusing on collaboration between human and AI, opportunities to simulate real-world decision-making processes, the need to teach creative problem-solving, improved teaching productivity, and more.”

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