BMW introduces the ‘car-ma chameleon’



Vegas, NV: On Wednesday, a car prototype with digital features like projecting driving data across the inside of the windshield and the ability to change color was shown off BMW.

The “Terminator” actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to see this car, which was called the “I Vision Dee.”

At the same show the previous year, BMW unveiled a car that could change color only from white to black and gray in between.

However, the new car’s body can change from a single color to a rainbow of hues, stripes, or checks.

The BMW I Vision Dee is merely a concept at this time, but it is intended to influence the design of the luxury manufacturer’s subsequent automobiles.

As an example, starting in 2025, it will be possible to have driving information like speed or direction flash on the windshield.

BMW has also talked about the possibility of using technology that combines “real and virtual worlds” to project augmented reality images onto the windshield and turn it into a full-fledged screen. According to BMW chief Oliver Zipse, the goal is to use software to create “the ultimate companion,” which will provide a customized driving experience. An abbreviation for digital emotional experience is Dee.

Schwarzenegger made fun of a prototype that had all this new technology in it.

Because the machine was the antagonist in the majority of my films, I was a little concerned. He stated, “Now they are the allies.”

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