Apple lists iPhone 6 as a vintage product



Launched in 2014, iPhone 6 is now considered a quaint product by the tech mammoth Apple.

The interpretation was discontinued in 2019 but druggies can get specialized support from the company up to seven times after the product isn’t officially distributed.

Apple also provides a corridor for the iPhone 6 series.

It’s material to note that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have formerly been listed as quaint products. The former was launched after iPhone 6, which is it was vended at a lower price.

Still, its sanctioned manufacturing stopped after the launch of the iPhone 7.

iPhone 6 had a comparatively larger display than the former models. It introduced the new design of twisted edges in iPhones and was also one of the first iPhones with the option of Near Field Communication(NFC) and Apple Pay.

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