Apple, Google, and Mozilla collaborate to develop a new browser benchmark



The Speedometer 3 browser, which is the next generation of Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, is being developed jointly by Apple, Google, and Mozilla.

A benchmark that will evaluate how their apps perform in comparison to the most recent web technologies will be decided by the three businesses.

Mozilla tweeted that a benchmark worked by a few web organizations will give a “mutual perspective of what is important”. This is thought to be very important for working together with the standards bodies for web developers, the groups that build the engines that interpret code, and the companies that build browsers around the engines.

“Working together will help us further improve the benchmark and improve browser performance for our users,” according to Apple’s WebKit Twitter account.

In the end, the benchmark will be used to compare Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey with Google’s V8 engine or Safari’s WebKit with Chrome’s Blink.

Google, on the other hand, stated in a thread on Twitter that the three businesses had developed some guidelines to prevent them from swaying the outcome in their favor.

Non-trivial changes will require approval from other partners and cannot be implemented if faced with strong objections, according to the governance policy’s regulations and procedures.

Speedometer 2.1 is suggested over GitHub because Speedometer 3 is in “active development and is unstable.” It is anticipated that the brand-new version will be “updated to include representative modern workloads, such as JavaScript frameworks.”

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