Apple freezes plan to use China’s YMTC chips amid political pressure



Apple has halted plans to buy 128- subcaste 3D NAND flash memory chips from Yangtze Memory Technologies(YMTC) for use in iPhones on Tuesday as Washington added YMTC and 30 other Chinese realities to an “Unverified” list of companies.

Apple was intending to buy the 3D NAND flash memory chips from the Chinese-State possessed company and ultimately had plans to buy 40 of the chips demanded of all iPhones.

Still, after going through a months-long process for memory instrument, Washington added YMTC, among others, to its “Unverified” list, proscribing US companies from dealing with them in any way, unless with a license.

The controls assessed on Chinese companies which fail to give information within 60 days have put Beijing under a lot of pressure.

Failure to give necessary information to the US puts them under disquisition and on the backlist. The YMTC is under disquisition for violating import controls by dealing chips to Huawei, formerly on the backlist, Nikkei Asia reported.

The import controls assessed by the Biden administration are intended to decelerate China’s technological and military advances by cutting off Beijing’s inventories from certain semiconductor chips made with US outfits.

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