An AI tool developed by DeepMind produces rough stage and film scripts



Dramatron, a remarkable AI tool developed by Alphabet’s DeepMind, generates dialogue, character descriptions, plot points, and location descriptions for the ideal film.

Dramatron is a co-composing instrument that can transform phenomenal film thoughts into genuine content which can be altered, gathered, and revamped.

To reduce the likelihood of offensive texts being produced, the script-writing tool requires an Open AI API key and a Perspective API key.

The AI tool will generate a description of the title, character, scene, and setting by simply incorporating the plot idea.

The Engadget reporter noted that Dramatron’s dialogue was “logical but trite and on the nose,” but the tool’s descriptions were impressive.

In a study with 15 playwrights, all of them said that the tool could be used to build a world or look into other ways to change characters or plot points.

The group came to the conclusion that the tool might be very useful for “creative idea generation.”

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After extensive script editing and rewriting, a playwright was able to produce four plays that she had written using Dramatron.

DeepMind claims that experienced actors with improv chops “gave meaning to Dramatron scripts through acting and interpretation” during the performance.

However, given that a UK appeals court ruled last year that AI cannot legally be credited with a patent, the AI tool raises the question of who should be credited with the writing.

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