Adobe Launches Generative AI Features for Photoshop



Adobe Launches Generative AI Features for Photoshop

The "Generative Fill" function, which enables users to extend and add image elements based on a text input, is one of the most eagerly awaited AI capabilities being added to Adobe Photoshop.

After roughly six weeks of standalone testing, the American multinational software giant “Adobe Inc,” which has created nearly a hundred successful computer programmes, has stated that it is now deploying generative AI features on Adobe Photoshop, one of its most well-known products.

When making the announcement, Adobe stated that the inclusion of generative AI features in Adobe Photoshop would mark the beginning of a major push in which the company plans to add various AI features to all of its softwares, enabling much faster and simpler workflow for creatives.

Since many other AI models, like the Dall-E or Midjourney, have become popular among users, Adobe would not be the first company to integrate or develop an image-generating AI. However, these models are still not being used by large organisations, primarily because of copyright issues that are associated with them.

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