Twitter’s rolls out ‘Edit’ button for Blue subscribers



Social media Mammoth Twitter has eventually rolled out its important- awaited’ Edit’ tweet button for Blue subscribers in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The point is anticipated to launch in the US soon as well.

Twitter Blue subscribers in the named countries can edit tweets five times for over 30 twinkles after posting. The limits attached to the point will help ensure druggies do not abuse the option and spread misinformation.

Edited tweets will display a timestamp to let druggies know that the tweet has been edited while also allowing them to view edit history. A little pencil icon beside the tweet will reveal that it has been edited while druggies scroll through their feeds.

Twitter revealed to TechCrunch that the point is being tested out, and druggies’ responses will determine if the number of edits available should change. The edit button has been the platform’s most requested point and is being tested out with Blue subscribers before being launched for everyone. Twitter hasn’t blazoned when it’ll roll out the Blue Twitter subscription for further druggies in other countries.

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