Twitter tests new option to restrict mentions



Twitter is developing a new point that will allow users to control who can mention them on the platform with a toggle.

Users can either fully remove the point for mentions or limit the mentions to only those accounts they follow.

App experimenter, Jane Manchun Wong, posted a picture of the point Twitter was experimenting with, to give druggies more control over their tweets.

Disabling the toggle for ‘Allow Others to Mention you’, would circumscribe any mentions, much like their lately launched point which lets druggies leave exchanges. confining mentions would mean others druggies can still mention your account but it will not link up to the stoner account or notify them.

The option also lets druggies limit the mentions to only those people they follow. Lately, Twitter has released a range of followership control tools for druggies like confined replies, Twitter Circles for private group exchanges, Safety Mode for bus-blocking spam and vituperative replies, and Communities for enclosed conversations.

Twitter is trying to minimize the negative impact of social media, especially being called out and escaped by internet druggies for participating in an opinion. druggies should be allowed to mandate their own stoner experience on social spots with the tools handed.

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