Study shows AI tools do not reduce bias in hiring process



Research has set up that hiring tools supported by artificial intelligence, negative to popular opinion, don’t reduce bias.

Cambridge University experts who published their findings in the journal Philosophy and Technology participated that companies are showing lesser interest now to use AI to break problems like interview and reclamation bias.

Still, they believe that the operation of this AI when it analyses campaigners’ resumes or videotapes is nothing but “pseudoscience”.

The study mentions a 2020 check of 500 HR professionals from all over the world. Nearly 25 reported using AI for “gift accession”.

Dr. Kerry Mackereth, who’s an experimenter at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Gender Studies told BBC that the use of AI could actually be ineffective.

She said that the tools couldn’t be trained to “only” honor job-related characteristics and forget traits like gender and race from the hiring process.

“Because the kinds of attributes we suppose are essential for being a good hand are innately bound up with gender and race.”

The study also said that some companies admit that the tools can be problematic. In 2018, Amazon blazoned it was letting go of such a reclamation machine because it discerned against womanish aspirants.

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