Scientists discover strange diamond from 4.5 billion years ago



Scientists from the UK and Australia revealed that they’ve set up a diamond from a dwarf earth on Earth.

Andy Tomkins, a geologist, and professor at Monash University in Australia set up the strangely “fraudulent” space gemstone when he was working on categorizing meteorites, according to the co-author of the study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of lores, Alan Salek.

farther disquisition revealed that the part of the diamond was actually a rare hexagonal gravestone called lonsdaleite.

Lonsdaleite is believed to be produced under moderate pressure and high temperature. Scientists believed that it was replaced by a diamond when the earth’s temperature cooled.

In a composition published by RMIT University, experts said they believe that dwarf earth as small as an asteroid collided with the Earth over 4 billion times agone.

The collision gave birth to a unique hexagonal structure which makes it indeed harder than the utmost diamonds on Earth. Our diamonds have a boxy structure.

Experts believe that the diamond isn’t a jewel but could actually b used to make a bitsy machine corridor.

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