New Google tool creates video with text



Google launched a textbook-to-videotape artificial intelligence(AI) tool, called Imagen Video, right after Meta released its own tool “Make a videotape”.

The tool will be suitable to produce vids at 24 frames per second in 1280×768, entirely from a written advisement. With this tool in beta mode, druggies can produce fantasy structures and Pixar-style monsters. A rally of Google’s tool had included coffee being poured into a mug, reported Business Today.

The features of Imagen Video include generated vids of artwork by notorious artists, 3D rotating objects, and rendered textbooks through different vitality styles. also, the tool would include noise cancellation addition and an internal data set of 14 million vids and 60 million images.

How does it work?
users will have to input textbook prompts, which will be decoded into textual embedding, and will also induce a 16-frame videotape. The videotape would also be used to produce a 128-frame videotape with a high description of 5.3s.

While other companies like Meta, Microsoft, and DALL-E2 have worked on analogous videotape generators, Google’s Imagen Video has been criticised for brand issues, abusing artwork and posing a trouble to unborn artists.

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