NASA’s DART spacecraft succeeds in altering the asteroid’s orbit



US space agency NASA has blazoned that the Double Asteroid Redirection Test( outrage) was suitable to successfully alter the route of the asteroid Dimorphous.

This success marks an important corner for the defence of the earth from any unborn asteroids that may head towards Earth.

After two weeks of data collection and analysis, the experimenters at NASA concluded that their trial of deliberately hitting the asteroid, docked its course around its parent, Didymos, by 32 twinkles.

Before the trial took place in September, experimenters at the Space Agency had estimated that a minimal orbital change of 73 seconds would have called the test a success.

During a press conference, Bill Nelson, NASA director, said, “If an Earth-hanging asteroid was discovered, and we could see it far enough down, this fashion could be used to redirect it. NASA has proven we’re serious as a protector of the earth. This is a watershed moment for planetary defence and all of humanity, demonstrating commitment from NASA’s exceptional platoon and mates from around the world.”

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