Mark Zuckerberg Unveils A New WhatsApp Feature Called Chat Lock



Mark Zuckerberg Unveils A New WhatsApp Feature Called Chat Lock

The “Lock Specific Chats” option has been added by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to WhatsApp. By enabling users to lock their chats with a password, the new feature aims to make interactions on the well-liked messaging app even more private and safe.

A feature for WhatsApp that would improve user privacy is being developed. Your most sensitive information can be locked within chat contacts or groups.
Additionally, users are able to carry on a safe discussion with family, friends, or colleagues thanks to the “Lock Specific Feature.” By connecting their chats in a password-protected folder, users may make sure that only authorised users can access them.

The advanced function provides an extra degree of privacy and security by ensuring that the locked chats are hidden from inquisitive eyes. In other words, it gives private messages an additional layer of security.

Additionally, the function enables users to lock particular chats using a password or biometric identification.

WhatsApp states that alerts from locked chats will not show the sender’s name or the content of the message. That is only accessible after authentication.

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