Instagram launches Collaborative Collections: What is it, how to use and more



Instagram Launches Collaborative Collections: What Is It, How To Use And More

Instagram, which is owned by Meta, has unveiled a new feature that allows users to share and save photographs in a dedicated location. The “collaborative collections” feature is a form of bookmarking extension that allows users to organise the posts they save for later access.
“Collections are one of my favourite features on Instagram — and we just do it so that you can make collections with friends,” Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said on his Instagram Channel.

This feature, like “collections,” will allow users to organise the posts they save into private groupings for better access; ‘collaborative collections’ will allow a group to collaborate on a post.

According to a recent report, the social media network is testing a new tool that will allow users to easily see Reels that they have recently posted. It will make it easy for consumers to later reshare a Reel that they have enjoyed with another user.

Instagram will display a new row with the label “Latest Shares” at the top of the direct messages (DM) section. If a user shares a single short video several times, it will only appear once with the avatar of the buddy with whom it was most recently shared.

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