Here is what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has to say on the impact of AI on jobs and education



Here Is What Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Has To Say On The Impact Of AI On Jobs And Education

Because of the potential societal implications of artificial intelligence (AI), policymakers and industry executives are concerned about its rapid growth. However, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella appears to be optimistic about what AI has to offer. He stated that AI development is accelerating, but it is accelerating in the right direction. He also stated that while “real displacement” may occur in the employment market, technology may create jobs.

People, according to Nadella, are an essential element of the AI development process. In an interview, Nadella stated that the issue that most concerns him is that “the entire society” must work together to “maximise the opportunity and mitigate the dangers” of technology.

“We definitely want the benefits of this technology, and we want to minimise the unintended consequences,” Nadella was cited as saying by CNBC.

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