Google sets a deadline for Indian app developers and explains why a service fee is necessary.



Google Sets A Deadline For Indian App Developers And Explains Why A Service Fee Is Necessary.

Google appears to be sticking to its resolve to request that app developers in the country apply its billing choices for in-app purchases. “Google is now informing developers in the country who have not yet implemented one of the three billing options available that it will be taking the necessary steps to ensure that its policy is applied fairly,” the firm said in a statement. The move is significant in light of the company’s ongoing legal battle with the Alliance of Digital India Foundation (AIDF). ADIF-represented Indian entrepreneurs have filed concerns with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) regarding Google’s User Choice Billing (UCB) mechanism. The CCI is currently investigating the allegations and has reportedly ordered an investigation into Google’s implementation of the new billing system.

Google’s message to app creators is straightforward: Within two weeks, implement one of three billing options. “We clarified the requirements of our Payments policy in 2020, and developers in India had ample time to make the necessary changes to their apps.” “In compliance with the CCI’s October 2022 order, we expanded user choice billing to all developers in India and updated our policy, which went into effect on April 26, 2023,” Google wrote in a blog post.

In India, developers have three billing choices.

Integrate Google Play’s billing system: This allows developers to transact with millions of consumers worldwide while also providing their users with secure payment options and the ability to manage their payments from a single spot.

Provide an alternate billing method to Google Play for Indian users: App developers looking to expand into overseas markets can also participate in Google’s user choice charging initiative, which is now available in 35 territories.

Even if it is part of a commercial service, operate on a consumption-only basis without paying a service fee: This option allows any developer to connect when the app launches and access material purchased elsewhere.

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