Measures to be taken to keep your child safe from Online Abuse



Measures to be taken to keep your child safe from Online Abuse

We care deeply about children’s online safety as parents and Internet activists, and we go to great lengths to protect our children. We monitor what they do online, using techniques like encryption to keep them safe, just as we use seatbelts and schedule routine doctor visits
It’s not always simple to let our kids have an online existence. Finding the right balance between hovering and allowing our kids some independence is part of being a parent. Thankfully, a medium ground exists. Some of the unknowns are under our control, therefore we can lower online dangers. We may prevent our children from being exposed to objectionable material or approached by strangers by using tools and actions. In order for us to be able to provide for our kids, encryption is crucial
These proposals eat away at encryption. They take away our ability to use the tool that’s vital to keeping our own kids safe online.

Both the EARN IT Act and the STOP CSAM Act would give power to courts to consider the use of encryption as proof of liability in cases of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) distribution on a platform. While the EARN IT Act introduces criminal charges for platforms, the STOP CSAM Act introduces sweeping civil liability for platforms and infrastructure providers. In both cases, the end result is undermined encryption.

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