Draught Artificial Intelligence Policy is published by Pakistan’s IT Ministry.



Draught Artificial Intelligence Policy is published by Pakistan's IT Ministry.

A draught Artificial Intelligence Policy has been made available by the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication (MoITT).

Syed Amin-ul-Haque, Minister of Information Technology, reportedly gave his approval to the Artificial Intelligence Policy’s first draught.

Officials and experts from the ministry developed the first draught. The draft’s primary goal is to direct the growth and adoption of Pakistan’s artificial intelligence industry for the country’s economic advantage.

Additionally, it has been decided to post the initial AI draught on the ministry’s websites so that other authorities can learn more about the specifics and insights. The general public can read the first draught and offer their comments as well.

All stakeholders and the general public will be surveyed for their opinions. In order to provide a full and well-rounded policy that addresses the needs of the country’s AI sector, it will assist to present a clear and transparent picture.

The planning minister had previously emphasised the significance of artificial intelligence for advancement in the long run and claimed that it would bring about “transformative changes” in the realms of governance, education, and the economy.

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