ChatGPT may get a paid version from OpenAI



OpenAI has indicated that it will soon provide professionals with a paid, premium version of its popular chatbot, ChatGPT.

A conversational dialogue model trained by AI and machine learning to comprehend and respond to natural human language is known as ChatGPT.

TechCrunch reported that OpenAI posted a waitlist on its official discord server to see how interested users were in a premium version and how much they were willing to pay.

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OpenAI also said that they were looking for ways to “monetize ChatGPT” to ensure the bot’s “long-term viability” in an announcement on their official discord.

In a previous Twitter thread, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said that the bot was currently costing the company “single-digit cents per chat” and that they were figuring out how to “optimize it.”

Additionally, the waitlist outlines the professional advantages of a premium plan, which include 24/7 availability, no throttle, and an unlimited number of bot chats.

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The company stated that signees on the waitlist would be the first to test the professional version; however, it made it clear that the product was still in the experimental stage and would not be widely available for some time.

OpenAI anticipates earning $200 million in revenue this year and has set goals to earn $1 billion in revenue by 2024, according to a report from Reuters.

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