Pakistan was ranked as having the lowest internet access worldwide.



Pakistan Was Ranked As Having The Lowest Internet Access Worldwide.

According to the “Pakistan’s Internet Landscape 2022” assessment, Pakistan continued to rank among the worst countries in the world in terms of internet availability and digital governance in 2022. According to the research published by the human rights and advocacy group Bytes For All, it examines how information and communication technologies and human rights interacted in the nation last year.

According to the report, “Pakistan made some progress in terms of internet access and general administration, but in the perspective of the globe, the country remains among the worst performers, even within only Asia. According to the research, Pakistan placed last overall among 22 Asian nations and 79 other nations in terms of the availability, affordability, relevance, and preparedness of key factors.

"Digital Pakistan" is still only a fantasy.

Although both the federal and provincial governments launched a number of online initiatives, the momentum for a “Digital Pakistan” has not advanced much, according to the research.
Additionally, it stated that cybercrime in Pakistan has been steadily increasing, with over 100,000 complaints made by December 2022—the most in the previous five years.

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