As 2,000 employees leave Twitter, Elon Musk asks if ‘anyone’ knows coding



After thousands of workers left the social media establishment Twitter, master Elon Musk is now left with inadequate staff and is looking for any workers at the company who knows how to decode.

He transferred emails to the Twitter platoon asking the staff who was suitable to do the specialized work. According to an Insider report, the billionaire asked the workers if there was “anyone who actually writes software” requesting them to meet him.

“Anyone who actually writes software, please report to the 10th bottom at 2 pm moment,” he wrote in the dispatch transferred to the staff on Friday. He also said he wanted “a pellet point summary of what your law commands have achieved in the once 6 months, along with over 10 screenshots of the most salient lines of law”.

Musk tried to cooperate with those working remotely. However, please telegraph the request below nevertheless and I’ll try to speak to you via videotape, “he wrote in another dispatch quoted by Insider,” If you are working ever. “Only those who can not physically get to Twitter HQ or have a family exigency are excused. These will be short, specialized interviews that allow me to more understand the Twitter tech mound.” the dispatch read.

He added that he’d appreciate it if workers would fly to San Francisco to meet in person, telling them that he’d be at the headquarter till night and “back again the coming morning”.

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piecemeal from the staff members fired by Musk, several workers at Twitter walked out after Muks said they would moreover have to go “hardcore” or leave with three months’ severance pay.

Nearly 2,000 people at the company decided to leave rather than commit to the CEO’s “Twitter 2.0”.

Thee-mails have substantiated the chaos at Twitter since Musk took over this month. Sources who chose to stay anonymous told Insider that some departments of the company had no workers at all. The communication department, babe, and finance and account departments were hit the hardest.

He has taken multiple controversial ways of driving hashtags like “#RIPTwitter” prognosticating that Twitter will end soon.

Serving from the situation, the microblogging platform’s Indian rival Koo is promoting itself and adding new features to drink further and further druggies. The operation is perfecting a range of effects and persuading not only druggies but also ex-Twitter workers to join them, India Today reported.

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