A new AI model may soon assist doctors in diagnosing heart attacks.



A New AI Model May Soon Assist Doctors In Diagnosing Heart Attacks.

Researchers in the United Kingdom have created a revolutionary algorithm based on artificial intelligence (AI) that could one day help doctors diagnose heart attacks promptly and precisely.

According to University of Edinburgh researchers, the novel CoDE-ACS algorithm was able to rule out a heart attack in more than double the number of patients, with an accuracy of 99.6 percent when compared to conventional testing methods.

CoDE-ACS may also aid in minimising hospital admissions and quickly identifying patients who are fit to go home. The findings were published in Nature Medicine.

“For patients with acute chest pain due to a heart attack, early diagnosis and treatment saves lives,” said study leader Prof. Nicholas Mills.
“Unfortunately, numerous situations contribute to.

“Every day, doctors around the world face the challenge of separating patients whose pain is due to a heart attack from those whose pain is due to something less serious,” he continued.”Harnessing data and artificial intelligence to support clinical decisions has enormous potential to improve care for patients and efficiency in our busy Emergency Departments,” Mills said.

CoDE-ACS could help doctors identify patients whose abnormal troponin (protein released into the circulation after a heart attack) levels were caused by a heart attack rather than another condition, in addition to ruling out heart attacks.

“Chest pain is one of the most common reasons that people present to emergency departments,” said Prof. Sir Nilesh Samani, medical director of the British Heart Foundation.

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